Holidays in Marrakech
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Holidays in Marrakech

Some tips and information in order to best enjoy your holiday in Marrakech: what to do, what to see, climate and excursions. For those who love cuisine, especially fish-based dishes, Morocco, with its sea, allows you tasting all kinds of fresh-caught fish, which is taken every day from the coastal ports to Marrakech.

Marrakech, the fourth Imperial City of Morocco. The “built-up” area of Marrakech is divided into two clearly differentiated areas: the Medina and the European City. In the huge square of the Medina about 3 km long and 2 wide, enclosed in a circle of ramparts as reddish as the earth of Morocco, the Arab population lives in houses of clay, among which there are creeping and winding narrow roads, where there is still the spontaneous and mysterious "Black Africa", that of storytellers, preachers, lively markets, into which pour the people of the South and the Berbers from the mountains.

The heart of the city is the famous Djema-el-Fna: its name means "Meeting of the Dead", because the executions took place here. Djema-el-Fna is a "crazy" square: market, permanent party, entertainment and preaching. It's like a huge stage used as a meeting point by sellers of amulets, magic herbs and foods, healers, snake charmers, jugglers and acrobats, dentists with their collection of molars and incisors extracted… in the open air, and then picturesque water sellers, which I advise you not to drink to go on visiting this wonderful country which is Morocco.

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