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Riad Caesar T-Shirt

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What are Riyadh


JasmineI riyadh were once the ancient manor houses within which the family spent their lives, especially women, who, being not allowed to attend public life, spent most of their lives inside of these beautiful building complexes. The word Riyadh in Arabic means "garden", which explains why Riyadh extend around an inner courtyard, which once served as a heat regulator for the home and the only outlet for its inhabitants. Thanks to this small fortress the family remained in secret and hidden behind high and impenetrable walls.

Once the houses were divided into real neighbourhoods reserved for women, men, staff and children, respectively, in order to ensure the privacy and respect of the ranks of all the inhabitants of the house. In recent years most Riyadh in Marrakech have been completely renovated and converted into private homes or hôtels de charme, which trend has greatly contributed to the fame that the Red City has gained over time.

Riyadh Caesar too has been recently re-organized by a clever architect, who has been able to give form to the wishes of the owners, who, after falling in love with this beautiful city, have decided to invest in order to give life to a unique, elegant and refined place.

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