Holidays in Marrakech
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The Medina in Marrakech

Marrakech is very famous for its Old City, known as Medina, the oldest part of the city. In its narrow streets, crowded with people, you can hear an intense rumour where the Maghrebis place their merchandise; business transactions always take place in a lively and noisy way. There are characteristics that cannot be missed by those who want to spend a holiday in Marrakech.

In the Medina there are the so-called souks, markets where they sell virtually everything and where the pungent odour of spices, amplified by the heat, makes the context of sensations very intense, leaving very strong memories in your mind. The Medina is closed by nine miles of ancient walls. Walking through the streets of the Medina is really a spectacular experience requiring good physical strength. Many streets are narrow, so that there is a prohibition to drive along them by car. The only means of transport are thus donkeys, hand-pushed carts – serving as taxis for the merchandise to be transported to private homes or Riyadh, motor bikes and… legs!
The flow of tourists from all over the world has not changed the personality and traditional characteristics peculiar to this community. Riyadh Caesar is located just a stone's throw from the Old City walls, which will make your holidays in Marrakech less exhausting, allowing you to move on foot to reach at once the crucial points of the Medina.

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