Riyadh Caesar
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Riad Caesar is Social!

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12.06.2013 - LAST NEWS

Riad Caesar T-Shirt

We have the new woman t-shirt of Riad Caesar, mens t-shirt coming soon!...
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The Gazebo

The terrace, with its gazebos, the one – provided with white sheets sheltering from the sun, is surrounded by a multitude of colourful flowers, ranging from bougainvilleas to hibiscuses, and the other, an alcove of absolute beauty, intimate, discreet, reserved, made with green Agave silk fabrics, is surrounded by fragrant essences. To divide the two gazebos on the terrace, there are an infinity of big-sized cactuses of extraordinarily beautiful. Wonderful spaces where to relax - have lunch or dinner with views of the Atlas range snow-covered from October to March.

One night for free. Book your 5-night stay and you will receive one more complimentary night accommodation for free.