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12.09.2013 - LAST NEWS

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12.06.2013 - LAST NEWS

Riad Caesar T-Shirt

We have the new woman t-shirt of Riad Caesar, mens t-shirt coming soon!...
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Iris: the flower

The Greek mythology has called Iris, the messenger of the gods, i.e. the divinity that, using the rainbow as a passage, allowed the "dialogue" between Olympus and Earth. The iris flower was so named because the variety of its colours reminded precisely the colours of the rainbow.
Moreover, legend has it that the first species of this flower were transferred to Egypt from Syria by Pharaoh Thutmose.

Iris Room

It is the largest one, located on the first floor and provided with a large mirror, a console, Moroccan furniture and Italian lamps. A spacious and comfortable room, where you can relax after a busy day in the streets of Medina. The room is equipped with the following amenities:


  • Air conditioning
  • 32” satellite TV;
  • safe
  • large mirrors
  • bathroom with shower
  • bidet and hair dryer.
One night for free. Book your 5-night stay and you will receive one more complimentary night accommodation for free.