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Riad Caesar T-Shirt

We have the new woman t-shirt of Riad Caesar, mens t-shirt coming soon!...
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Lilium: the flower

Greeks and Romans considered lilies the symbol of divinity.
They used their petals to stuff pillows and obtained from their flowers certain oil they used to scent the water for the bathroom. They called it oleum susinum, from susan, which is the Hebrew name of the lilium.

Therefore, the ladies whose name is Susanne take their name from this extremely fragrant flower. Lilies were also much loved by painters of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries: for example, Botticelli painted a famous triptych in which the Virgin is surrounded by eight angels holding white lilies.

Lilium Room

Furnished in Arabic style, fully pistachio coloured, it includes a small sofa and Italian lamps.

On your return to the Riyadh, after a good day spent sightseeing, you can enjoy a refreshing drink in our patio and then go and rest in a spacious room provided with every comfort.


The room is equipped with the following amenities:

  • Air conditioning
  • 32” satellite TV;
  • safe
  • large mirrors
  • bathroom with shower
  • bidet and hair dryer.
One night for free. Book your 5-night stay and you will receive one more complimentary night accommodation for free.